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Become a Doula

Become a Doula: postpartum

Postpartum Doula Training


  • $950
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To Begin

Postpartum Doula Training

Course Description

Mother Tree Postpartum Doula Training focuses on preparing the doula to support families after birth and helps them to integrate a newborn into the family.  This training: approximately 30 hours.

Your Plan for Success

The course will support the doula in Developing a Postpartum Plan that fosters a clients self determination as the expert of their own baby and nourishes the parents through this special transition time.

We focus on nurturing, educating, assessing and referring clients on:  
  • physiological postpartum body changes and healing;
  • mental health; 
  • grief and loss;
  • lineage healing practices;
  • developing newborn relationships;
  • understanding basic newborn needs such as hunger cues, soothing, sleep, feeding and caring for an infant;
  • sibling and partner transitions
  • and much more.
This course also touches on:
  • the professional scope of practice of a postpartum doula,
  • building a personal practice structure
  • and understanding the difference between a doula and other professions.
5 stars

Jesse is an amazing instructor! I highly recommend the postpartum doula training. The class was fun, thorough, sensitive to equity and diversity issues, and very informative.”

Aline Diethelm
November 2023 Student

5 stars

“I attending the postpartum doula training. Jesse has such a warm and loving presence which made the training feel so magical. She made me feel confident in my path to becoming a doula and assist parents to the best of my abilities. I’m so thankful for the space and energy for this training. “

Tamarra Ragland
October 2023 Student


  • Doula Scope and Standards of Practice
  • Developing a Postpartum Plan
  • Physiological postpartum recovery
  • Mental Health and Signs of Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders
  • Cultural Healing Practices around the world
  • Newborn Behaviors, Cues and Needs
  •  Grief and Loss
  • Sibling, Partner and family transitions
  • Intersectionality and Postpartum Advocacy
  • ON-DEMAND Webinars
  • Cultural Responsiveness
  • Collaborative Practice
  • Trauma Informed Care for Birth Worker

“It could easily be said that I’m a doula training junkie- I love learning and have an insatiable curiosity for didactic information that seems extremely available in the age of online media and connection. With that, I’ve sat through a variety of doula-related trainings and Jesse Remer’s is truly unlike any other. Her postpartum training was the most well-rounded in its delivery, exercises, and materials, and was easily the most diverse and intentional in its inclusivity and mindfulness. The most striking element of the workshop was how heart-centered it felt. I am not a doula trainer but I imagine it’s challenging to “teach” people how to trust in their ability to care. Jesse and those who lead in the workshop taught by genuine example. I felt cared for in an indescribable way and I suppose that’s what we can hope to learn as doulas. I’d recommend Jesse and her training to doulas at any place in their professional journey.”

Megan Aizpuro

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More from our students...

“I began my journey with Mother Tree with the Postpartum Doula training. I cannot stress enough how beautiful my experience was. I trained with Jesse with the assistance of Jackie and I don’t think I’ve felt such dedication, compassion, and acceptance in a long time! The training was enlightening and fulfilling, it was shaped to the comfort and curiosities of me and my cohort and I would definitely recommend training with Jesse to anyone interested in Doula services. An added plus is the lovely farm and animals that are there too! <3

Cairo Walsh

Katie, 2023 MotherTree Postpartum Doula Student


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