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Birth Doula Internship Orientation

Internship Orientation

Date (range): 12/2/2022 – 12/3/2022
Time: 6:45 – 9:00 pm
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Doula Training: Internship Orientation

Internship Schedule Overview
  • January to June Curriculum and Cohort Mentorship
  • July to December Ongoing Monthly Cohort
Course Description:

Participation in the Internship Cohort

  • Learning Circles/Doula Panel Nights THURSDAYS 1st & 3rd of the Month 6 to 9:30 pm
  • Study Group/Birth Junkie Night THURSDAY 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the Month
  • Built-In Backup
  • Hospital & Program Tours:* (as available access allows)
  • Tour each area hospital from a birth doula perspective
  • Hospital Orientation In-Room, L&D Overview
  • Tools of the trade, tips and tricks
  • Meet and Greet other Programs (Providence Women’s Clinic, Portland Doula Association, State Traditional Healthcare Workers, Gateway WHA Clinic
  • Births Births Births & Mentorship
  • Gateway Doula Group: Schedule for at least 3x 12 hour shifts per week starting January 7th AM or PM 8-8
  • Observe a primary experienced doula
  • Attend at least 6 primary full circle private doula births (prenatal, birth, postpartum)
  • Birth Doula Observation with a primary mentor (go on call with them and see an interview, prental, birth and postpartum)


  • Participate in the Group Prenatals at Gateway Clinic
  • Business Development & 1-1 Business Support
  • Receive 3 hours of 1-1 support on business development for custom development and marketing of your business.
  • Online Course –at your own speed for business and protocol development
Final Project

Create a series of Collaborative Doula Team-based Videos (each team assigned a different area: ex. Introducing Yourself to Hospital Staff, How Meet a Client in Labor, The Interventions Conversation, What to do in an Emergency, How to include the Birth Partner, Power of Open Ended Questions, Diplomacy vs Advocacy, How to win over a sceptical provider).

Your Competency:


  • Must have a can-do attitude and a commitment to inclusion for the cohort
  • Own a computer than can access the internet and create handouts (Word or Equivalent)
  • Access Google Calendar
  • Be able to be on call for 2 to 8 shifts per month AM or PM
  • Be able to be on call for at least 1 birth per month
  • Commitment to professionalism and Collaboration

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