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Classes: How to choose

Learning Styles

Beyond the environment of the class, the learning styles are very important to how well a couple will mesh with their class style.

Most classes mix some lecture with video and other visuals to give families a sense of what to expect in the birthing process overall. They also offer various forms of deep relaxation ranging from visualizations, focal points to comfort massage. From there, each class offers a unique lense with which to learn.

How to Choose a Childbirth Preparation Class

Having a baby if often new territory for a family. Exploring the changes in pregnancy, what to expect in the birth process, pain coping techniques and meeting other parents are many of the reasons expectant couples choose to come to a childbirth class. Studies show that families that choose take a class of any sort tend to be more satisfied with their birth process, feel they had more control and more informed about their choices and more connected to their babies.

Choosing the right class for you however, can feel overwhelming. From large lecture style classes to small intimate settings, to private sessions or online courses, there are many choices to get the experience that will be most valuable for you.

Hospital Classes vs. Community-based Classes
Hospital-based classes are often lecture style information based classes

They emphasize the “what to expect” in the hospital including stages of labor, when to go to the hospital and pain management and interventions. Larger class sizes (8 – 30 couples) are the norm and classes are fairly inexpensive at ($65 to $95 per couple). These classes are often taught by RN’s or childbirth educators who may or may not have birth experience themselves either professionally or personally

Community-based classes are often interactive and process-oriented with smaller class sizes (4-7 couples)

They emphasize the couples unique coping style and helping a couple integrate the birth information with their own hopes and wishes for the birthing process. Often taught by doulas, midwives, naturopathics, and other multi-disciplinary instructors with direct birth experience, these classes often support families no matter what their intended birthing location—hospital, birth center or home birth. Due to the custom-nature of these classes they are often a little higher priced at $200 – $350 per couple.

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