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Forest Bathing


FOREST BATHING: Nature Immersion Private Sessions
3-hour Guided Forest Bathing includes Invitations for deep relaxation, mental health and wellbeing. Create a Custom Personal Flower Essence and personal intention setting. Let the Forest be the Therapist; Jesse will be your guide.

Forest Therapy Walks

Also known as "Shinrin-Yoku"

Forest Therapy, also known as “Shinrin-Yoku,” refers to the practice of spending time in forested areas for the purpose of enhancing health, wellness, and happiness.  The practice follows the general principle that it is beneficial to spend time bathing in the atmosphere of the forest. The Japanese words translate into English as “Forest Bathing.”

Your Guide: Jesse Remer, doula, childbirth educator, health advocate and Forest Therapy Guide in training. Jesse grew up in the deep forests of Northern California and Oregon and found her own healing through postpartum depression and significant life changes under the guidance of Trees she considers to be friends. Her doula practice and retreat land Mother Tree, has integrated nature therapy practices for years (Nurture Your Mother Nature in Birth and Beyond) to assist birthing families to access the relaxation techniques and wellness generated by time in nature. She now supports groups from all “walks” of life to receive the benefit of these healthful principles. 

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“It’s life changing, I’m living a completely different life than before….” – Michelle Hickey (Forest Therapy Guide), The Resiliency Institute

The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy is sourcing one of the fastest growing integration of health care options where the presciption “go play in the forest” is literally on the list. The growing body of science is here to prove the benefits!

From “The Little Handbook of Shinrin-yoku” by M. Amos Clifford

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