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Collaborative Practice Adv Training

Collaborative Practice Advanced Training for Doulas

Date (range):1/1/2022 – 1/31/2023
Time: TBD by you, On-Demand (Watch Anytime)
$75  All-day session or $75 for all 3 sessions.
Registration: Sign Up Online

Collaboration is the key to successful Birth Team interactions and advocating for improved maternal and newborn outcomes. In order to preserve the doula profession (the ability to freely attend any birth at any hospital) respect must be given and returned. This training focuses on widening perspectives, understanding the different roles of the birth team, and troubleshooting communication from birth team member to birth team member. This advanced training examines how to develop core relationships with other members of the birth team including nurses, midwives, providers and partners. Our primary goal is to create and maintain a culture of professionalism amongst all those who care for families.  Contact MotherTree for more.

Satisfies the Oregon Health Authority THW – DOULA requirement for Doula applications “collaborative practice.”
Satisfies Gateway Doula Group Member Requirement. (Purchase with Gateway Group Rate)

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