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Certifications: traditional Healthcare Worker

Traditional Healthcare Worker
THW 3-Part Complete Training:
  • (Birth Doula Training -step 1) 
  • 6 credit hour of Trauma Informed Care 
  • 6 hours of Cultural Competency 
  • 6 hours of Inter-professional Collaborative Practice/HIPAA
Gain these skills:
  • Cultural Sensitivity for Birth Workers (6 hrs);
  • Collaborative Interprofessional Practice with the birth team (6 hrs);
  • Trauma Informed Care for Birth Workers (6 hrs);
  • Health Information and Privacy (HIPAA)(1 hr);
  • Oral health (1hr) in pregnancy
  • Ongoing cohort support in how to apply for the Traditional Health WorkerDoula State Registry

You will receive the require certificates at the end of evaluation forms. The links will be emailed to you upon purchase (or by next business day). 

  • THW Trainin FORMAT: 
  • (Birth Doula Training -step 1) Live Zoom or In Person
  • THW Track 3 On-demand Webinars 

Scholarship Opportunities – for more info contact OR 503-407-4732



$175 On-demand webinar ($350 live session)

 $90 for Oregon Doula Association (ODA) Member

Medicaid and Traditional Healthcare Worker Designation

THW Designation Description

THW LogoMother Tree Trainings (DONA International Approved) are approved by the Oregon Health Authority and qualify for the completion of the THW DOULA credential in Oregon.  This qualifies the doula to receive Medicaid (Oregon Health Plan Reimbursement), contract with Community Care Organization’s as a provider as well as several hospital systems around the state in including Legacy Health Doulas and Providence Doulas.

 Our training is approved for additional Doula Medicaid Reimbursement States:   
Oregon Leadership
 Oregon lead the way in medicaid and other forms of reimbursement with the proposal of a $1500 reimbursement fee (2022)–the largest in the nation until California and Washingon State proposed rates of $3,000 and $3,500 respectively
Mother Tree was involved in the founding processes of the THW Doula development in Oregon for over ten years and Jesse Remer is a founding member of the Oregon Doula Association (ODA) that tirelessly advocated for sustainable living wage in order to grow the doula workforces and offer equitable and culturally specific doula care to families across Oregon.
Mother Tree is involved in reimbursement models nationally through medicaid, employer-based reimbursement models, commercial insurers and TriCare for military families. For more requirements for doulas read here.

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THW Class Update

THW Traditional Health Worker training

Traditional Health Worker (THW) Track Training: THW Requirements 

Includes skill-building: Cultural Sensitivity for Birth Workers; Collaborative Practice with the birth team;
Trauma Informed Care for Birth Workers; Health Information and Privacy (HIPAA); Oral health in pregnancy Ongoing cohort support in how to apply for the Traditional Health Worker – Doula State Registry

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