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Become a Doula

Become a Doula: Internships and Mentoring

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     $2900 PIF (payment plan available –$3300)


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Some of our Graduate Successes

  • Hired by Doula Love
  • Founded Brave Birth Services who continue to partner with  graduates
  • Founded Birthing Stone who continue to partner with  graduates
  • Accepted to Yale Midwifery School
  • Accepted to Oregon Health Sciences University Midwifery Program
  • Hired on at as full-time staff doula at Providence Women’s Clinic
  • Accepted to Birthingway College of Midwifery
  • Dozens of personal practices founded

Birth Doula Internships and Mentoring

Course Description

The doula profession is growing up! With increased opportunities to work in hospital contracted positions, receive insurance reimbursement and participate in a growing market of private doula care — you need the gold standard of education and training.

Mother Tree’s internship is unique and the only opportunity in the country where student doulas will gain the opportunity to work  with active professional private doula practices, hospital-based doula programs and gain the skills, professionalism and confidence to create a thriving doula practice all your own.

12 week Business Incubator

  • 12 three-hour hybrid Doula Learning Circles
  • 6 hours of 1-1 mentorship with
    a professional doula
  • 24/7 Community
  • Tools and Resources
  • 1 year membership with our Doula Group (Gateway Doula Group
  • BONUS!! 3 Months of Mentorship Membership (includes Doula Panel Nights, Direct Clients leads for Certification, The Doula Lifestyle, Step-by-Step with Clients from prenatal to postpartum visits )
  • BONUS 2!! A once a month in-person Doula
    Skills Share

6-month Mentorship Community

Our 6-month* intensive internship (* with 6 mo. add’l of monthly check-ins)  will help you generate a vibrant, professional practice. More than just readying you for certification you will learn everything you need to be a leader in the birth community along with the practical skills of running your own business. Pairing you with a professional doula mentors you will have the opportunity to be supported through births, be primary doula, co-doula and back up doulas through our referral network. Weekly Learning circles prepare you for every aspect of running your own doula practice along with.a self paced curriculum. 

The program is self-paced and many interns work full-time during the program. the primary requirement is to be available Thursday evenings for the learning circle,  1-2 births on-call per month and 3 to 4 12-hour shifts in the month as backup. 

Learning Topics

  • Building a professional doula practice
  • Professionalism training for working in a team-based environment with providers
  • Cultural competency
  • Collaborative Team Care
  • Structure of prenatal and postpartum visits
  • Understanding the biodynamics of birth
  • Pain Coping Techniques and Comfort Massage (applied skills)
  • Advocating for a client/Interacting with hospital staff
  • Healing the birth story
  • Clearing the space for birth & Emotional Counseling
  • Supporting induction, epidural and hi-risk birth
  • Supporting Unexpected Outcomes: traumatic birth, prematurity, stillbirth
  • Supporting Optimal Fetal Positioning
  • Using your intuition
  • Breastfeeding Counseling
  • Birth Recovery
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Business Skills Workshop (Doula Practice Basics 101)

“I am so happy that I found out about Jesse’s birth doula internship about a week before it was going to start back in January of 2021. I had been a birth doula in USA since 2017 and worked in the maternity field in Sweden since 2013. Even with my previous experience, I learned more than I ever expected. An incredible group of mentors during the 6 months and a really fun group of doulas. This was at a time when Zoom was our main communication, but we still managed to get together in-person a couple of times, and I could tell how much they needed to shift their teachings from in-person to virtual. It was so well put together and received, and I am truly grateful to Jesse, all of the mentors and the community here in Portland who have welcomed me in this new city and shaped me into a more conscious doula surrounding many areas in this line of work. You can never stop learning in this field and I would not be the doula I am today without this internship. Thank you.”

Alison Akan CD(DONA)


  • Full Advanced Training Intro Day
  • Doula Learning Circles WEEKLY  THURSDAYS 6- 9:30 pm (provides built-in backup)  240 hours of curriculum
  • BiMonthly 1-1 Mentorship Call/Video Chat
  • Monthly Birth Junkie Night (hands-on skills such as hospital skills/tour, bellycasting, movie night, birth bag tools)
  • 6 – month commitment to providing doula support to the Gateway Doula Project (a few 12 hr shifts per month)
  • 1-2 private “student birth” clients per month (the program helps to match)
  • Online learning forum for creating of protocols and business documents/handouts
  • Keynote panel nights with professional doulas, expert community speakers
  • 2 mentor doulas providing you round-the-clock suppport
  • Observations of professional doulas in interview, prental, birth & postpartum
  • Observations of prenatal classes with expectant parents when available
  • You will be certification-ready if you complete all components
  • Certificate of completion & recommendation to your future endeavors
  • 50% off Postpartum Doula Training

Intern Application

The following information is confidential and for internal use only, and will not be used for marketing, or shared with third parties.

About you...

Birth Doula Training is a pre-requisite of this internship application. Please describe the following:

Please list any and all relevant professional experience (non-birth related is great! Your prior job history, schooling, life experiences all count!)
What other commitments (long standing) do you have January to June that will impact your availability?
“The Mother Tree Internship has been one of the most valuable investments I made in myself. The opportunities presented were paramount to my growth as a doula and having access to so many professional doulas, childbirth educators, IBCLS’s, nurses, midwives in the community was a wonderful chance to pick the brains of some of our masters. Working with the cohort was the best part however. These brave, wise, compassionate vulnerable, hilarious clever and charming group of doulas. The journey was too short, and just right. A real, live, know-how-to-do-it, doula.”


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