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Doula Business Incubator

Become a Doula: Doula business incubator


Included When You Join the Doula Incubator
  • 12 three-hour hybrid Doula Learning Circles
  • 3 hours of 1-on-1 mentorship with a professional doula
  • Tools and Resources

  • 24/7 Community

  • BONUS 2!! A once-a-month in-person Doula Skills Share

  • BONUS!! Three Months of Mentorship Membership
    (includes Doula Panel Nights, Direct Clients leads for Certification, The Doula Lifestyle, Step-by-Step with Clients from prenatal to postpartum visits)

Our Journey Together 
  • Week 1: Defining YOU as your business
  • Week 2: Filing your business structure
  • Week 3: Opening your “office space”
  • Week 4: Documenting your business expenses & write-offs
  • Week 5: Grow you garden: thriving practice
  • Week 6: Aligning with your values
  • Week 7: Your story & how to share it
  • Week 8: Attracting your ideal client
  • Week 9: Purpose: what’s your mission?
  • Week 10: Your customer pathway
  • Week 11: Marketing strategy that aligns with you & your business
  • Week 12: Know your yumbers

Doula Business Incubator

Birth Business Basics and Beyond!
  • Do you want more clients?
  • Do you want to be credentialed, certified and able to get reimbursed?
  • Do you want to have a thriving practice?
  • Did you miss the Doula Business/Mentorship Intro?
Our next Business Incubator Starts April 20, 2023

The Mother Tree Doula Business Incubator (our Internship re-envisioned!) has 15 years of experience supporting doulas to build sustainable doula practices with business skills, doula experts, mentorship and more!

Now is your time to say yes to the Doula Life and receive the Confidence, Community and Connections that makes your dreams a reality!

Mentorship Membership

Register for the Doula Incubator and receive 3 months to the  Mentorship Membership 6-Month Program!!

Includes and not limited to the following

  • Earn 1:1 credit per month
  • Monthly Doula Planning Learning Circle
  • Self Paced curriculum (birth or postpartum)
  • Prenatal Contact
  • Supporting Parent Transitions
  • Supporting Difficult Births
  • Supporting Postpartum families
  • Infant Feeding

Also includes:

(regionally based)

  • Membership to Gateway Doula Group/PDX Doulas
  • Skills Days
  • 1-1 Doula Leads (pro bono)
  • On Call (Solo Doula, Co-Doula, Shift 12/24)
The Doula Business Incubator – PLUS Three Months of Mentorship Membership is Only $2900! (That is only 2 paid clients!)

One payment of


3 monthly payments


6 monthly payments


Choose which payment plan works best for you!

Meet your instructors:
Jesse Remer

Jesse Remer she/her

CD/BDT(DONA), PCD/PDT(DONA) LCCE, FACCE; Mother Tree Founder (DONA) Certified Birth Doula; DONA International Birth & Postpartum Doula Trainer; Founding Member, Oregon Doula Association (Education Chair); Executive Director, PDX Doulas; Principal, Gateway Doula Group; Lamaze Childbirth Educator, Mother Tree International Mentor
For the past three decades she has supported healthy birth outcomes as a Lamaze Childbirth Educator, DONA International Birth and Postpartum Doula Trainer and Founder of Mother Tree International. She has supported thousands of families and doulas in the childbearing year. Learn more about Jesse and our other mentors HERE.

Tisha West she/her

TRAINER: (CD) DONA, CLC, Cultural Competency, Collaborative Professional Doula Practice, Traditional Health Worker Doula, DONA International Certified, Mother Tree International Mentor

Leticia West is a full time birth, postpartum doula and placenta encapsulation specialist. She is a co-lead doula for the Mother Tree Internship and THW Training Track. She serves on the Oregon Doula Associations Board of Directors as Membership Chair. She is committed to bringing doulas together to connect with resources and families throughout the state of Oregon. Learn more about Tisha and our other mentors HERE.

“In the past 6 months I have worked with the most amazing Professionals, far above my 30 years in the corporate world, and it’s been a pleasure! These women are intelligent, nurturing, conscientious, supportive and empathetic. Since starting the Mother Tree program I really have a different outlook on life! I believe it’s not too late for me to live with purpose and intention.” 
– Lynn Dunn
“I made some of the most amazing friendships, one of which led to a business partnership (and the launch of our doula agency Columbia Crossings!). It was great to hear other peoples experiences and perspectives and have space to talk about difficult subjects. The supplemental business trainings were a great source of further learning and growth!” 
– McKinley Devine
“Over the last few months I built friendships and business relationships with so many wonderful people. I learned how to write business protocols, which not only have been a tool I now use to help me have healthy boundaries within my services offered, but also as a resources for clients to know what to expect.I can now take these tools and connections as a launching pad to my own practice!”
– Rebekka Maye

Are you ready to grow your doula business?


Private Facebook Group: Doula Talk

This is a forum for connection, support and sustainability of the doula profession and welcomes all people of any color, gender and birth philosophy. Founder and Administrator Jesse Remer is a mother, international doula trainer, leader and innovator of birth justice who through her organization Mother Tree International has supported thousands of birthing families.