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Become a Doula

Become a Doula: Birth and postpartum Training bundle


To Begin

  • Attend a New Doula  Orientation Night
  • Choose one

Jesse is an amazing teacher! It was an honor to learn from her and receive her knowledge. Her years of being a doula has given her insight to help supply us with wisdom in our journey in becoming Doulas. She is an amazing mentor and set me up to be a successful Doula. I appreciate every aspect of her guidance I have have received. I would highly recommend her as a teacher.

Lisa Long, MotherTree student 2022

Birth and Postpartum Doula Training Bundle

Course Description
COMBO #1 Doula Fundamentals
Start your journey with the fundamentals of doula care in the childbeaing year. This package is the starting place for you to start working right away with families and have the core curriculum needed for certification pathways, including the Oregon Traditional Health Worker designation.
  • Weekly Mentor Hour (weekly cohort drop-in, unlimited)
Bundle #2 Doula Practice Business Basics

Everything you need to start your doula practice, get certified, and get the business basics to fast-track you into crafting a financially sustainable, nurturing doula collaboration—whether in the form of a solo practice,  partnered practice,  collective or agency.  We guide you with  over 30 years of doula practice development experience and  we are committed to your success. You will recoup your costs within 3 professionally paid births.

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Birth Doula Training

  • Birth Doula Training 40 hours (IN PERSON or LIVE VIRTUAL)
  • Childbirth Education for Birth Workers (10 hrs IN PERSON or LIVE VIRTUAL ) 
  • Business of Being a Doula 1 hrs (included in basic training)
  • Cultural Competency for Doulas 6 hrs (ON DEMAND)
  • Adopting Trauma Informed Care 6 hrs (ON DEMAND) 
  • Collaborative Professionalism Practice 12 hrs (ON DEMAND)
  • Blood Born Pathogens/Oral Health Training (2 hrs) ON DEMAND
  • Weekly Doula Talk Mentor Hour (LIVE VIRTUAL)
  • The Integrated Doula: Instructional Video including coping techniques, supportive birth environment, positions and massage in a birth room; a personal copy of the Integrated Doula for you to keep!

Postpartum Training

  • Doula Scope and Standards of Practice
  • Developing a Postpartum Plan
  • Physiological postpartum recovery
  • Mental Health and Signs of Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders
  • Cultural Healing Practices around the world
  • Newborn Behaviors, Cues and Needs
  • Grief and Loss
  • Sibling, Partner and family transitions
  • Intersectionality and Postpartum Advocacy
  • ON-DEMAND Webinars
  • Cultural Responsiveness
  • Collaborative Practice
  • Trauma Informed Care for Birth Worker

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I had the most magical experience with the Mother Tree Doula team for postpartum training! They were so incredibly friendly, respectful, empowering, and just overall an amazing learning experience. I am very thankful for them and look forward to the next time I’m lucky enough to visit again!

Allycin Tims, MotherTree student 2023

5 stars

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Mother Tree doula training is the absolute best. Jesse Remer is an amazing instructor who exudes warmth and wisdom. She has created more than just a class – it is an experience. I have taken both the birth and postpartum in-person trainings and both times I have walked away with a wealth of knowledge and a full heart after 3-4 beautiful days of learning and connection. I also just love the cozy yurt and the surrounding farm. I highly recommend Jesse Remer and Mother Tree! 

Alonya E. Lowe, MotherTree student 2023

5 stars

Private Facebook Group: Doula Talk

This is a forum for connection, support and sustainability of the doula profession and welcomes all people of any color, gender and birth philosophy. Founder and Administrator Jesse Remer is a mother, international doula trainer, leader and innovator of birth justice who through her organization Mother Tree International has supported thousands of birthing families.