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Become a Doula

Become a Doula: Introduction

Birth Doula Training

Take the first step on your Birth Doula Journey with the core training to becoming a professional doula and traditional health worker. This meets several certification pathway requirements.

Postpartum Doula Training

Do you feel called to support families as they root into their new life with a newborn? Postpartum Doula Training is the first step towards launching your doula practice.

Birth and Postpartum Bundle

Combine Doula Training, Postpartum Training, Advanced Traditional Health Worker Training, Mentorship, with or without Business Basics and Beyond for real savings.

Advanced Doula Training

Through continuing education, continue learning through presentations and workshops on topics relevant to your doula practice, not covered in basic doula workshops.

Birth Doula Internships

Jump start your doula practice with Connection, Competency and Confidence with our long-standing and proven Internship Mentoring Program designed within Collaborative Cohorts.

Doula Business Incubator

Manifest a working business model for your growing practice whether solo, partnership, group or agency models! Our Incubator Intensive will get you launched in 3 months!

This was the best workshop that I have ever taken! Jesse put so much thought and care into the class, and it was evident each day. It was well organized, used small groups, interactive online and phone app resources while we were there in a physical classroom -and 10 hour days flew by because the class was so great. Thanks Jesse!

SLB April 13, 2022 

Global Trainings

We provide training around the world for birth workers seeking to expand their knowledge and join in the international community of birth professionals.


Join us in a deeper journey in beautiful settings around the world to experience the local wisdom keepers in birth and beyond.

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Mother Tree doula training is the absolute best. Jesse Remer is an amazing instructor who exudes warmth and wisdom. She has created more than just a class – it is an experience. I have taken both the birth and postpartum in-person trainings and both times I have walked away with a wealth of knowledge and a full heart after 3-4 beautiful days of learning and connection. I also just love the cozy yurt and the surrounding farm. I highly recommend Jesse Remer and Mother Tree! 

Megan Aizpuro
Become a Doula

So You Want To Become A Doula?

“Absolutely phenomenal instructor/teacher/trainer. Very personable and welcoming, inviting. Very skilled at handling vulnerable conversations, and addressing anxieties.”

MotherTree student

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So you want to become a Doula?

We’ll help you jumpstart your plans to become a doula....

But first let’s answer a couple Frequently Asked Questions:

What's a doula?

There are so many ways to answer this question but first and foremost a doula is a compassion human who seeks to offer physical, informational and emotional support to people in the childbearing year.

We may focus on the birth and postpartum period but these skills are transferable to fertility, loss/bereavment/abortion, reproductive health, sexual health, death any major life transition –even other peak life experiences like surgery doulas or death doulas are now growing in our communities. 

Who can be a doula?

Anyone with a desire to support people in the perinatal period. We have supported individuals from all walks of life and all parts of the world. As a Traditional Healthcare  Profession and set of life skills the doula profession is  supportive to every age, gender and personal identification including  intergenerational career moves, spiritual and lifestyle choice. Doulas stand at the intersection of  birthing person to parent, individual’s access to health equity, family to community.

In an effort to cultivate and nurture thriving and sustainable culturally specific doula care (a doula for every person who wants one!) there are Diversity  Scholarship opportunities  for individuals who identify as Black Indiginous, Doulas of Color or Trans LGTBQIA+. Inquire about our scholarships. 

Questions We Address
  •  Is the on-call life for me?

  • What are the challenges of being a doula?

  • What are the joys of being a doula?

  • How do I get started?

  • How do I get experience?

  • How do you manage the rest of your life if you are going to birth?

  • How many births can you do a month?

  • How much will I make?

  • What about my kids? My partner?

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I’ve been working with Jesse since the start of my doula career 5 years ago. I started out by taking a Trauma Informed Care course from her, and then a Collaborative Practice Training and then it snowballed. I’ve been in her mentorship, I’ve taken postpartum training with her, and childbirth education. I would take any training Jesse offers and would trust that the knowledge I gained will help me to move forward with my career. She has so much experience, and so much to offer, so I would highly recommend taking a course that she offers.
Liz Haebe, 2022

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