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Become a doula: Advocacy


MotherTree Supports Doulas

The Mother Tree team  believes real and lasting change happens through collaboration. We join with thought leaders in the field of perinatal health care and birth justice  advocating for universal doula care and the rights of people in the childbearing year.

We invite our students to learn and join our team in Birth Justice Activism in whatever inspires them on their journey. There’s so much to do on every front!

“A path that is apparent throughout nature in species that adapted collectively and can also be applied to create transformative justice movements”


Here are some of the collaborations we have contributed to:
  • Oregon Doula Association
  • Doula Talk, Founder and Power Admin (19k+ FB group of Doula from around the world)
  • National Black Doulas Association, Advisory Board
  • National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence: Doulas/Trauma Informed Care (2020)
  • ORCHWA Conference: Re-envisioning the Maternity Care Team: The role of doulas in health care transformation (2014)
  • Oregon Health Sciences University (Grand Rounds Provider Group, School of Nursing) Collaborative Practice Professionalism
  • DONA International Conference 2016: Re-envisioning the Maternity Care Team: The role of doulas in health care transformation (2018) Trauma Informed Care for Birth Professionals
  • Providence Health System, Clinical Team: Role of a Doula, Doulas & Breastfeeding
  • Providence RN Staff: Nurses and Doulas Teaming Up!
  • Everest College of Massage, Role of the Doula
  • Linfield College of Nursing Breckinridge School of Nursing, ITT Technical Institute, Role of the Doula
  • Portland State University School of Nursing: Integrating the Doula into your team
  • International Center for Traditional Childbearing Black Midwives (ICTC): Business of being a Doula
  • Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health: Trauma Informed Care for Birth Professionals (2019)
  • Trauma Informed Care to Associations: Mt Diablo Doula Association, Sterling Doulas, Kalamazoo Doulas, Toronto Doulas, Spokane Doula Association, San Antonio Birth Doulas
  • Co-author to the The Cost-Effectiveness of Professional Doula Care for a Woman’s First Two Births: A Decision Analysis Model
  • Co-author to Penny Simkin’s: Labor Progress Handbook 5th Edition
  • Doula trainings delivered in sponsorship with PacificSource Community Solutions, Providence Health, Oregon Health Sciences University/PDX Doulas, Cascade Health Alliance

In my 22 years as a birthing professional, Jesse Remer has been one of the most impactful people that has come into my path. I can genuinely say that Jesse is here to uplift what it means to be a Doula and a Doula of Change. She represents the epitome of what being a Doula means. Her dedication and commitment to uplifting this work for the betterment of all birthing people are endless. Jesse continuously puts herself in the space of learning from others from different walks of life. She takes that educational experience back to her work as an educator to educate and empower others so they can go out into the world to be great work. Jesse also shines as a policy maker in insurance diversification to include Doulas as a part of their coverage for birthing families. Always aiming to create access for Doula care for all.

Tracie Collins, CEO & Founder of the National Black Doulas Association®

Private Facebook Group: Doula Talk

This is a forum for connection, support and sustainability of the doula profession and welcomes all people of any color, gender and birth philosophy. Founder and Administrator Jesse Remer is a mother, international doula trainer, leader and innovator of birth justice who through her organization Mother Tree International has supported thousands of birthing families.


Providence Walk With Me


Providence Walk With Me
“Elements of Healing with Doula and Forest Therapy Guide Jesse Remer”

We’re all on a journey to reach our full potential and purpose. And no matter where you are on your path, know that we walk together and not alone. At the Providence Mission Leadership Institute, we believe the path to leadership is self-discovery. To support you, we’re bringing the most advanced thinkers in the country to help unpack all that we carry with us on this journey in leadership.


Oregon Doula Association

Jesse Remer (MotherTree), Policy & Advisory Chair 2018
Education Chair 2019-present

The Oregon Doula Association’s mission since our inception has been to create a unifying, inclusive, statewide professional organization for all doulas. Due to current, overt racist practices in this nation against Black people, we have shifted our focus to support the Black Lives Matter movement and heightened our efforts to amplify the voices and needs of Black families and Black Doulas. The ODA was formed to improve maternal and infant holistic health outcomes, ensure healthcare equity, and cultivate culturally appropriate and humanistic maternity care for Oregon families. 


Oregon Health Authority, Office of Equity and Inclusion

Jesse Remer, Doula Representative: Oregon Health Authority, Traditional Healthcare Workers Commission Systems Integration Subcommittee

The Commission promotes the traditional health workforce in Oregon’s Health Care Delivery System to achieve Oregon’s Triple Aim of better health, better care, and lower costs. The Commission advises and makes recommendations to the Oregon Health Authority, to ensure the program is responsive to consumer and community health needs, while delivering high-quality and culturally competent care. 


Jesse has been an incredible advocate and ally for doulas in Oregon over the past decade.  As a trainer, mentor and business leader, Jesse has helped raise the collective standard of professionalism across the doula community.  Her experience has allowed her to act as a liaison with the maternity care system and to help build the first on-staff doula program in the state.  She has been foundational in the development and implementation of the new Oregon Doula Association and will continue to be a powerful advocate for doulas as we move toward new avenues of professional integration.

Raeben Nolan, Past-President, Oregon Doula Association (ODA); Prior Specialized Program Coordinator, Birthingway College of Midwifery Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula and Childbirth Educator Programs, Oregon Office of Equity and Inclusion. 

“This course was truly life changing. It brought attention to different struggles, strengths, and injustices surrounding people of color, transgendered, and young and older families. Many cultures practices were woven into our lessons. This course was led with such compassion and love. Jesse truly is the person I recommend everybody learn from. Open dialogue to discuss feelings, thoughts, and questions. We weren’t just taught our lessons, she helped us LEARN. She sent us out into the world with love, confidence, and a whole community of women that I didn’t even realize I needed. Those that have not had a chance to meet and learn from Jesse, truly is missing out. That woman is incredible! Thank you”

2023 MotherTree Student


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