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About Mothertree: Mission and philosophy

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Jesse’s early training was side by side with the esteemed Penny Simkin in her home. Penny taught Jesse the power of a question as one of the most significant ways we can change the birthing culture. 

The Mother Tree team  believes real and lasting change happens through collaboration. We join with thought leaders in the field of perinatal health care and birth justice  advocating for universal doula care and the rights of people in the childbearing year.


Founder Jesse Remer is an International Doula Trainer, Certified Forest Therapy Guide and Flower Essence Alchemist. She founded Mother Tree International with the express desire to support communities in creating a culture of nurturing starting at birth. Over the course of the last decades Mother Tree has grown from a partner, collective, agency model to an international community of doulas, trainers and inspirational birth worker collaborations.

Mission and Philosophy

Support your Mother Nature in Birth and Beyond

Our Story
The inspiration came when Jesse met a real live Mother Tree after a “Aspiring Midwives” meeting in 2000. This beautiful tree’s ancient bark illuminated a pregnant belly and Jesse’s heart. Already a birth worker she suddenly had a vision for the future. Nature is our original family. Teaming with biodiversity, interconnection and reciprocity, Nature provides  us the seeds to inclusive community and co-creating a thriving culture of nurturing.

The Mother Tree is a central figure in the forest transformation guiding resources, support, shelter and nourishment  where needed and building generational wellness within the heart of the forest. What better teachers to guide us in this work of birthing a new generation of beings?

Our Mission

Mother Tree is on a mission is to create a Culture of Nurturing one baby, one family, one doula at a time. 
Mother Tree centers on three branches of the childbearing year support in action through:

  • offering training,
  • community, and
  • a spirit of reciprocity.

Our goals include:

  • Health Equity in Childbirth for all birthing people,
  • Birth Justice,
  • Universal Doula Care  and traditional health work.

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"Creating a Culture of Nurturing— one baby, one family, & one doula at a time."

Ellen Tilden PhD“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Ms Remer as a co-author of research papers, textbooks and research studies in the field of doula care and childbirth. She infuses her leadership style with curiosity and connection which attracts thousands to the cause of birth support. Jesse is a power house who consistently works for the betterment of the doula profession and for birth equity for all birthing people.”

Ellen Tilden, PhD, CNM, FACNM (she/her) Associate Professor, Oregon Health and Science University;
School of Nursing, Nurse-Midwifery Department; School of Medicine, OBGYN Department

Mother Trees

Mother Trees are the biggest and oldest trees are the most connected nodes in the forest. These highly-connected hub trees  share their excess carbon and nitrogen through the mycorrhizal network with the understory seedlings, which can increase seedling survival. These Mother Trees in this way act as central hubs, communicating with the young seedlings around them. In a single forest, a Mother Tree can be connected to hundreds of other trees.

Trees are part of a large, interconnected community interacting with their own and other species, including forming kin relationships with their genetic relatives.

Trees can also form complex relationships with other species, similar to partnerships or friendships. Birch can compete with young neighbouring conifer trees for light and reduce their growth.

The creation of a life is not an isolated event, but is a manifestation of a series of interrelated lives and beings. As such, it is our role to honor each birth experience as part of the connectedness of all life. We assist families with the opportunity to create the love, joy and sacredness that is at the heart of each birth experience.

We recognize that people have the power to give birth.   We approach our role as one to enhance the space of the birther by providing physical, emotional and informational support and easing the way with the process through being NEAR (Nurturing, Education, Assessment and Referrals in the community). We offer suggestions and ways to support each other throughout the birth process and provide the extra pair of hands so that a family’s precious time together can be spent loving their journey and new baby every step of the way!

Nature is our teacher. A lot of things are happening in nature that show that we can be ready for change. Because we are natural.

Octavia Butler


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The Mother Tree

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This is a forum for connection, support and sustainability of the doula profession and welcomes all people of any color, gender and birth philosophy. Founder and Administrator Jesse Remer is a mother, international doula trainer, leader and innovator of birth justice who through her organization Mother Tree International has supported thousands of birthing families.