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About MotherTree

About MotherTree

Mission and Philosophy

We believe the birth of a new Life is a continuation of other lives, and is part of an intricately woven web of relationships that builds the family tree.

Mother Tree History

What’s a doula? Learn about this history of our age old tradition as birth companions and support in the childbearing year.

MotherTree Community

Mother Tree is made of branches of doula community Interconnected by a common goal of creating a culture of nurturing. Meet our doulas!

Community Partners

We believe in collaboration and connection to amplify health equity and birth Justice. Meet our community partners.

Passion Projects

Our doula care is intertwined with so many community actions that ripple far beyond the childbearing year. See what other projects we are contributing to!

MotherTree Consulting

Start your Doula Program! Leading the way towards integration of doula support into your care team can take some unique skills.

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